Refund policy

As ayurvedic and homeopathy medicines differs from patient to patient and the formula is prepared according to the individual  patient so we do not avail any refund policy to our patients .

Canceling the order before medicine dispatch:

  • If you cancel your request for treatment soon after placing an order or before we process the disease details you send us in the form of a questionnaire reply,then 25% handling charges will be deducted.
  • After dispatching the medicines there will be no refund.
  • The refund will be made available from our Ajmer center office . The time taken to get refund may be dependent on the factors such as the credit card company, bank or other institutes, over which we may have no control.


How to request a refund

  • Patient is requested to produce a receipt of fees. No refund will be available without a valid receipt.
  • The refund may be given only by cheque in favour of the patient (or guardian) who have made the payment. No refund will be made by cash.  In case of unavailability of the accountant outside of office hours, the refund cheque will be sent by post to address within India.
  • Instruction about this Refund Policy has been displayed on the notice board.
  • Starting of treatment confirms that the patient has agreed to this Refund Policy.